Riyadh Metro

The Project is about the internal fit out of a Pavilion that will house a thematic Exhibition and Information point for the citizens of Riyadh, to introduce them to the New Riyadh Metro, under construction.

The main feature of the exhibition are three real size trains of the new Metro. The architecture of the space is based on the cleanliness of the design, simple geometry, generate symmetries, as the leading theme for of the whole exhibition space.
Floor and walls are cladded with the local natural stone.

The Exhibition space is divided into several areas, showcasing historical and more modern examples of Cities with complex Metro Infrastructures.
The central “blob” is treated as an Architectural Iconic element, with an organic shape that contrasts with the rigorous design of the space around it. And it contains the Virtual Reality Centre.

Project stage

Preliminary design
Definitive design


Cityneon Middle East Bahrein
LM Production UK
Paradigma&Partners UK
Studio di Architettura Cosmelli & Partners