Boon The Shop *

The new multi brand Department Store “Boon the shop” was built on the most important shopping street in Seoul.
The structure is characterized by two crystal white marble buildings, interrupted by a powerful vertical element: a tall, oblique “metal blade”, supporting a roof in burnished copper. The open plan floors organized around the central area the sale points, which hosts cultural events and single exhibits.

At sundown, the space is lit by a rear-lit skylight that provides a magical and welcoming atmosphere. 
The individual spaces, made prevalently of natural materials such as wood, marble and linen textiles, give the sensation of recognition, identity and warmth, organizing dynamic and flexible areas.
The building could be viewed as “introverted”, in the sense that it transmits a strong sensation of comfort and emotional involvement, starting with a feeling of discovery that develops into a sense of belonging.

Project stage

Preliminary design
Detail design


Guido Stefanoni