SEEB Aquarium

Inspired by nature and marine life, the architecture of the Aquarium and Marina complex has a distinctive streamlined curvilinear form. With no hard angles, one can imagine a big turtle, a whale merging from the waves, an organic form that links the main buildings to this nautical theme, reflecting the fishing and nautical heritage of the locals.

This architecture is conceived as an iconic landmark on the coast of the Muscat waters that will contribute to the cultural, educational, leisure, entertainment and hospitality facilities within the Seeb district.

The architecture of the building is conceived around a display of marine life in an aquarium, enticing visitors to take a leisurely voyage to the bottom of the sea and then to resurface at the end of the exhibition, all through gently sloping ramps, eliminating the need for a separate circulation for disabled people.

Project stage

Preliminary design
Detail design


Cityneon Middle East Bahrein
LM Production UK
Paradigma&Partners UK
Studio di Architettura Cosmelli & Partners