Riqualification of the Darsena

The Milan Darsena has been in the past a nodal point for the transportation of goods on water, connected to the water system of the Navigli, now all covered.

This old “harbour” in the middle off the City has always been a point of reference, a gathering point for the evening activities and entertainment along two remaining Navigli. Abandoned for many years, it has been revived by an Architectural Competion launched in view of the opening of the EXPO 2015 in Milano.

We participated in the Competition in association with David Chipperfield Architects and LAND, for the landscaping. Our Group did not win the Competition, but nevertheless we produced a good project, worth showcasing.

The major Architectural concept of the scheme, was to create a connection between the two Piazzas, with a double level walkway, open at street level and becoming a covered colonnade at the lower level (water level) adding a new pedestrian dimension, in a context overwhelmed by heavy vehicular traffic.

A quiet area, landscaped as a garden walk, with green and low plants, in between natural stone walkways, completely new and unique to the City of Milan, where people can gather together, stop for a drink at the bars along the water, and shop in the renovated old market place, or use practice sport like canoeing with the historic Rowing Clubs of Milano.

Project stage



DCA David Chipperfield Architect UK